Choosing Your ISM Saddle

One of the most common questions we receive is, "How do I know which ISM saddle is right for me?"  This page is designed to help guide you, to find the best choice for your specific needs.


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Performance Saddle Details

ISM Performance Saddles are organized into categories, each appropriate for different situations and riders.  For each saddle shape, there are several options for padding to suit any rider.  Generally speaking, those who are new to ISM saddles tend to prefer a softer seat, while more experienced riders tend to prefer a firmer seat.  This is just a guideline, and is ultimately up to the individual.

STEP 1: Choose a saddle shape


STEP 2: Choose the amount of padding

Comfort Saddle Details


Our Comfort saddles are divided in to two key groups:

1. Comfort Fitness (Cruise, Berkley, and Urbaine (coming Summer 2015)

2. Comfort City (Touring, Sport)


Comfort Fitness saddles are ideal for home spin bikes, hybrid bikes, upright bikes, and beach cruisers.  Riders can choose their saddle width based on their own body and preferences.

Comfort City saddles are ideal for commuting, police bikes, and situations where the rider frequently mounts and dismounts the bike. 

*Both Comfort City and Comfort Fitness saddles may be used with bike shorts or regular everyday clothing