ISM Saddles US Patents and Published Patent Applications


Patents and other intellectual property are an important asset of ISM Saddles, LLC (“ISM Saddles”). As such, ISM Saddles is diligent in policing its patents from unauthorized use or infringement. The list below provides, in compliance with the “virtual marking” requirements of 35 U.S.C. § 287 (a), the numbers of the U.S. patents owned by ISM Saddles in association with the patented products. ISM Saddles also owns the below – identified U.S. published patent applications and their identification is intended to provide actual notice thereof in accordance with the “provisional rights” requirements of 35 U.S.C. § 154(d). Additional patents are pending in the United States and elsewhere.


Adamo Racing, 7934770

Adamo Road, D575070

Adamo Typhoon, D575070

Adamo Century, D604057

Adamo Peloton, D604057

Adamo Peak, D604056

Adamo Time Trial, D639081

Adamo Podium, 8845018 & D677491

Adamo Breakaway, 8845018 & D677491

Adamo Prologue, 8845018 & D677491

ISM Touring, D409009

ISM Sport, D409009

ISM Cruise, D684780

ISM Berkley, D684780

Adamo Attack, D684781

PN 1.0, D684781

PN 1.1, D684781