Register Your New ISM Saddle

Due to the production and sale of counterfeit ISM saddles, we have taken measures to protect ourselves and our customers from this illegal practice.  In July of 2017, we began shipping saddles with a new hologram verification sticker, which you can find on the underside of the saddle.  These stickers contain a scratch-off area, which reveals a serial number underneath it.  

DO NOT remove this sticker, as it is an integral part of verifying that you have a genuine ISM saddle (using the Register Here button below).  As always, the best way to ensure you are buying a real ISM saddle is to buy directly from our online store, or through an authorized ISM dealer.  Counterfeit saddles are most commonly seen through online discount sites such as Amazon and eBay.  

Please click the link below to register your new ISM saddle: